ONLINE ONLY Antique Auction of Ann G. Wilson Estate

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  • Mon, Dec 9, 2019
  • 5:00 PM
  • Online only

Description :

 Online Only Auction - Ann G. Wilson Estate Personal Property Auction

In order to assist the Ann G. Wilson Estate, United Country Real Estate Heartland Realty & Auction, LLC. in concert with United Country Real Estate Consultants has been authorized to conduct an online only antique auction. 

A list of items for sale include: 

-Antiques      -Furniture     -Museum items

- High end and everyday antiques    -Glassware

-Jewelry    -Tools    -Rugs, quilts, & linens

-Pictures, Mirrors, Books, Vintage clothing

-Lamps    -Vases, Epurmes, Decorative dishes

-Silver, silverware

-Collectables, figurines, advertising items, knives, pocket watches, etc.

-Music   -Christmas Villages   -Coins

-China, dishes, pots, pan


Due to the large amount of antiques in this estate, there will be two parts to this auction.

The 1st sale ended on nMonday, December 2nd, at 5:00 pm CST.

The 2nd sale will end on Monday, December 9th at 5:00 pm CST.

Address: 3147 Mud Cat Road Cedar Hill, Tennessee 37032

Pick up dates and time are as follows:Dec. 4th- 1-5p, Dec. 5th & 6th – 9a-5p, Dec. 7th 9a – 2p,

Wed., Dec. 11th- 9a-5p and Sat.,  Dec. 14th 9a-2p.

Winning bidders will have 14 days to pick up items they won. 

Click HERE or on the "Bidding Open" Tab to view all lots, terms and conditions, and to register to bid! 

Chris Gravil, Principal Auctioneer, TN Auctioneer License # 6686, Firm # 5939

Bob Grimsley, Executor


Auctioneer and Executor’s note: Miss Ann was a well-known collector of all types of vintage antiques in KY and TN. She had deep roots in Cedar Hill and Adams, TN, and Owensboro, KY. We are pleased to offer her collection and hope you enjoy her collections as much as she did. – Bob Grimsley, Executor




Terms/Conditions :

Click HERE  for a complete list of Terms & Conditions. 

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Lots / Categories :

Real Estate Properties

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